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Rachel Ash Bridal

Rachel Ash Bridal was built in Squarespace before I migrated it into Craft CMS. The old site was limited in terms of site architecture. With Craft I was able to model the content exactly as desired, and create a much better user experience when browsing for wedding dresses. It now also works well on mobile, something I find Squarespace seems to struggle with.

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Rachel Ash Prom

Rachel Ash Prom is a part of the Rachel Ash Bridal business. The prom website, although sitting on a different domain, is part of rachelash.co.uk thanks to Crafts multisite functionality, meaning both websites are controlled within the same cms control panel. This gives great flexibility when sharing content as well as making it easy to manage multiple sites in one place.

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Caroline Bramley

Caroline's website was a re design and move from the Wordpress platform. She wanted a more modern feel to the site, with a clear outline of what services she offers. This included more focus on her customer reviews and a booking system to manage appointments.

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Norwegian Log

Norwegian Log Buildings underwent a refresh during the recent migration from Craft 2 to Craft 3. This site is built with SEO in mind, with fields for Google Rich Snippets and Open Graph Meta Tags to help both search and social.

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Entia's website is another project making use of Craft's multisite set up. The flexibility and variation of content blocks in the CMS make the site really customisable enabling the creation of any number of layouts depending on content and style.

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No 25 Benson

New cafe, equals new website. This local cafe's website was designed by Harvey and built in Craft CMS by me. This simple but elegant site will complement the refit of the cafe, and enable local residents to stay up to date with what's on the menu at No.25 Benson.

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